About American Layers


Dave Money, owner of American Layers, is just a guy originally from Camden NJ, with a passion for accessories and garments that will stand the test of time. I make things inspired by the favorites in our closets, the things we used to have, and the things we've always wished for.

All of the products are designed and handcrafted by me with love. I occasionally hire help, as needed.

When I have time, I like driving my old Wrangler with the top off, spending evenings on the sailboat, and renting cabins for the weekend.

American Layers is also proud to have helped Prepford Wife with her kitchen renovation which was featured in Countryliving. She commissioned American Layers to design and construct a set of straps to hold the back of her kitchen bench seat to the wall. Photos of the completed project can be found in the Dec 2021 issue of Countryliving magazine .I've also included a few photos below.

Dave Money
American Layers