The Perfect Everyday Tote Bag

Posted by David Money on

Choosing The Perfect Everyday Tote Bag

Totes are essential wardrobe staples that you can accessorize for a variety of occasions. The tips below will help you select the perfect everyday tote that balances both function and style. If not for daily use, a bag you can easily mix and match with your other accessories.


#1 Timeless Design Aesthetic

If it doesn’t look and feel like you, you won’t use it! As with all clothing and accessories:


  • Select a design that reflects your love of classic American style.
  • Choose a bag that speaks to you the moment you see it.
  • Ensure the color, pattern, and materials are ones you love.


#2 Uncompromised Quality

While trends are fun, they come and go. As someone who prefers a preppy vibe, select a design made from high-quality leather, wool, denim, and other natural materials. In addition to highlighting your attention to detail, these materials ensure your bag looks pristine for years to come.


#3 Versatility

Now that you have the design and quality you desire, consider what you need in terms of function.


  • Will the compartment easily fit your laptop and daily essentials?
  • Do you need adjustable straps to carry your tote with comfort?
  • If needed, can it double as a travel, overnight, or weekender bag?


#4 Durability

While we all love foldable cloth bags that we can use as an environmentally conscious alternative to plastic shopping bags, your everyday tote must be durable.


This is why American Layers bags have:


  • Sturdy hardware and stitching.
  • Thick and durable leather straps.
  • A leather or structured fabric bottom.


#5 Size and Shape

All totes are rectangular in shape, but some are a vertical rectangle, while others have a wide horizontal design. The wider design holds larger laptops, while the vertical shape feels a bit more compact. There’s no right or wrong, just what works best for you.


Now that you know what to look for in an everyday tote bag, I invite you to browse the handmade totes from American Layers!