ep10 – We Rock Ralph


We Rock Ralph

We Rock Ralph is the tenth installment of the American Layers podcast. I'm talking to  Deam, Ralph Lauren collector and aspiring stylist out of Boston. Deam has been collecting for about 4 years. He talks about being influenced by ivyleaguestyles, destroying and rebuilding his existing collection, and acquiring limited edition Polo and Ralph Lauren garments. Deam is the real deal. He started as a RL Rugby enthusiast but now he's set his focus on building a stellar Double RL collection. The episode title is a remix of something Deam said during the interview. When asked if he was a Ralph Lauren collector, he said, I'm not a collector, I'm more of a Ralph Lauren Rocker, because I buy my pieces to rock.

From sneaker child to Ivyleaguestyles

Deam wore uniforms to school as a youngster. His sneakers served as his only way to express his individuality. He took great care to keep nice sneaks on his feet. He even felt like he was shining, but once he got a little older and started attending public school, the protection of a preppy school uniform had come to an end. Deam was now allowed to wear whatever he wanted. The kids around him were well dressed. He realized that a fly pair of sneakers was not going to cut it. He quickly got into fashion. He eventually turned to the ivyleaguestyles of the Ralph Lauren rugby line.

Destroy and Rebuild

After accumulating a respectable RL Rugby and polo collection, Deam grew tired of his wardrobe. He was buying pieces often, but his selections were sometimes poorly calculated. The collection contained pieces that didn't fit well. This is a problem I also faced when I was buying clothes just because I had the money. purchases became forced, as if I was shopping just to fulfil a quota. Deam sold off and  gave away much of his collection, with plans to start anew.

Collecting takes time

Now that Deam is rebuilding his collection, he actually regrets getting rid of the old clothes. Anyway he's building a great collection now with calculated purchases. He has even devised strategies for wardrobe building. He shared with me the idea of buying one strong piece a month. This is a method that takes time, but most great things are built over time. A respectable Ralph Lauren collection is no different. Deam tells a story of running in and out of state to get his hands on a limited edition Double RL coat, an expensive purchase that came with zero buyers remorse.

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When asked about future plans, Deam quickly shares his dream of being a stylist, and Double RL collector. Equipped with a keen sense of style and drawing inspiration from everyone around him, he is well on his way.  Follow Deam @deamdadream24 and follow me @dave_money3 . This was another great episode.