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Alex Carlton Miller

Hey Alex these pics are perfect

Alex Carlton Miller is a young nature photographer from Georgia with an impressive set of skills. In addition to snapping great photos, he’s also into fashion. Alex talks with me about shooting perfect photos and maintaining a photo worthy wardrobe on a modest budget. We talk about his possible career paths after high school and college. finally Alex tell us which brands he has been collaborating with. Then he walks us through so of the steps to a perfect picture.


Rising star

Alex is a nature photographer turned instagram preppy fashion account.  I can’t remember exactly when he became visible on my radar, but now that he’s here, his work is very hard to ignore.  He maintains a perfect balance of trees, himself, preppy clothes, and perfectly staged items. He hasn’t been shooting photos for very long, but you’ll quickly notice that understands basics like the rule of thirds, composition, and exposure. It’s no wonder his photos receive a considerable amount of attention compared to number of instagram followers he has.

Prep for less

Alex’s nature photography is balanced by his keen sense of fashion. His look is built on a preppy foundation with and outdoor adventurous feel. Alex isn’t ashamed to mention that his budget is rather modest, and that he prefers to buy sale and used items when possible.  During our conversation, we both agreed that style is found everywhere. If you find an item you love at a thrift store or some other less than glamorous place,  buy it.


He’s always been an artist

Even though Alex is new to photography, He’s no stranger to the arts. In addition to fashion and nature photography, Alex uses colored pencils and plays the piano. He is considering a career a in the art world, but he’s still in high school. He has time to decide. When we first attempted to record the episode, Alex was preparing for a big  test the following morning. He’s a sharp guy, I’m sure he did well.


Inspired shots

Alex eventually mentions a few fellow instagram photographers who inspire him to push for excellence and creativity when shooting a photo. Then he tells us what’s most important him as far as fashion photography and nature photography.  Then he talks us through the process or creating his version of a perfect photo.


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I you want to get into the mind of an up and coming nature photographer with great preppy flair, this episode is a cool place to start. Follow Alex Carlton Miller on instagram @acarltonmiller and follow me @dave_money3