ep8 – Ivy clothing – The RL Rugby store is still open

Ivy clothing will never be the same

Ivy clothing will remain in our hearts and in our closets forever. Eventhough one our favorite Ralph Lauren brands is gone, we still wear our RL Rugby pieces. Some of have only a few pieces, but Chaddie lauren has months worth of RL Rugby. In this episode I talk to Serious Ralph Lauren collector. Who’s slogan is never disrespect Ralph. We discuss the differences between a collector and someone who casually wears the brand.  We talk about how he adjusted to American street style when he move to the United States from Italy. Chad also tells us what he had to do jump start his polo collection.

RL Rugby collector

Ralph Lauren’s Rugby line was heavily inspired by ivy clothing. It was well received by people who wanted to rock trad style with some flair. Like most lines Rugby had it’s fanatics. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Chad who says he could wear Ralph Lauren’s Rugby for months without repeating an item. He say’s during his college days, he and friend had a friendly rivalry wear they put their best pieces forward all semester in an effort to see who would wear a repeat first. They only took breaks on weekends.

By any means necessary

Before building the wild collection we know him for now, Chad started with just a few Ralph Lauren pieces in his collection. He gave himself small challenges. First pushing himself to for one week, to forcing his collection up to enough garments to last two weeks.  Chad was thrilled with his own progress, but he was also catching the attention of women around his college campus. As he developed a reputation for being so well dressed, with his ivy clothing, he felt compelled to keep the show going. Chad’s only way to buy enough clothes to match his reputation was to turn to side hustles. He’s not proud of the things he did to acquire his coveted Ralph Lauren collection.

How to separate a pro from average Joe

In this episode we discuss the difference between being a collector and just wearing the brand. For one, Chad can present receipts from every ralph Lauren Rugby items he has ever purchased. He also explains slogans who lives by such as, “Never disrespect uncle Ralph” and ” The rugby store is still open.” He says he has slowly eliminated everything from his wardrobe that isn’t a Ralph Lauren item.

Finding his way

Chad had to adjust to the American street culture when he arrived here from Italy. Once he found his way, he began mixing ivy clothing and preppy style clothing with the street inspired execution all around him.  Chad love standing out and making a statement. He says he can still remember his first really nice outfit. He talks about the response he got when he wore that outfit to a wedding.

Nothing but the best

This episode is a listener favorite. Check it out, share it with friends,  and leave comments. Chad gave us a spirited perspective on wearing and collecting Ralph Lauren items and rocking ivy clothing. I definitely plan on bringing him back for a few more episodes. Follow Chad on instagram @chaddie_lauren .