ep6 – Ralph Lauren Co and RRL for Days

ralph lauren co

Dean in NYC with RRL

ep6 Ralph Lauren Co long time collector from horses to Double RL

Dean, a long time Ralph Lauren RRL collector gives us a window into his world. He talks about his beginnings at a Jamaican prep school on to an American catholic school that allowed him to remix his school uniform.  Dean recalls taking style cues from his stepfather and the GQ magazines he left around the house. Twenty years later Dean still has his first Polo shirt. If that’s not a collector, I don’t know what is. This interview features @iamthedean , follow him on instagram. Also follow me at @dave_money3

He’s spent time in the game

Dean is the ultimate RRL collector. The Ralph Lauren Co should be thankful for guys like him. He does a great job representing the brand. He doesn’t work for the brand but he owns a ton of their stuff. Dean has been collecting Ralph Lauren clothes for almost 20 years now. His Polo collection is ridiculous. It all started when he was a youngster. He had to wear a uniform at his Jamaican prep school. When Dean moved to the USA, to continue his education at catholic school, he was given more freedom with his uniform. He began to experiment by mixing in colored Polo shirts like the ones he had seen his step-father wear. Dean was also into his step-father’s GQ magazines. He had a great sense of fashion. It’s no wonder he eventually won best dressed in high school.

Double RL addiction

Deans commitment to the Ralph Lauren Co is still as strong as ever. He’s no stranger to preppy fashion, but now he’s more into the Double RL line. A lot their pieces are inspired by work wear classics with hints of ivyleaguestyles. Deans collection is massive. He’s not sure how many Double RL pieces he owns, but he knows it’s well into the hundreds by now. The Ralph Lauren Co needs to give this guy a shout out. I asked Dean where his collection is headed. He wants to keep expanding with well chosen pieces. In fact, he’s was waiting for a few packages to be delivered as we recorded this episode.

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Dean was great guest on the American Layers podcast. He shared some valuable and entertaining insight. Be sure to follow him on instagrams at @iamthedean and tell that you loved episode 6 –  Ralph Lauren Co and RRL for Days.

Ralph Lauren Co

RRL tooled belt

Ralph Lauren Co

Some of Dean’s Double RL collection