ep35 – Bespoke Not Broke

I teamed up with the founder and Chief Style Officer of Bespoke Not Broke to discuss menswear, and how his personal weight loss journey led him to his current business. Bespoke Not Broke specializes in curated items for the style conscious person who appreciates high end garments without the high end price tag.  James educates us on the difference between thrifting and curating. His tip for all the would-be entrepreneurs is to do something you love. Doing what he loves is how explains his rapid success.  James has made numerous tv and radio appearances and everywhere he goes, he spreads love and drops knowledge. He says styling is his ministry. I encourage you all to check them out, when you get a chance http://bespokenotbroke.com/

In this episode we discuss tailor made clothes, preppy and trad style, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and of course Ralph Lauren.