ep31 – Evolution of a Gentleman


Welcome back for another episode . American layers is the best podcast  around for us with a passion for collecting garments and discussing all the details that come naturally with the lifestyle. Rob is a Long Island native with an interest in preppy men's clothes and other fine things, such as watches and nice shoes.  I invited him to join me on the podcast because i knew his story would appeal to our listeners.

His personal fashion has been influenced by the prep world as far back as he can remember. Rob remember when the oxford shirt first caught his attention. He quickly became one of the few kids wearing oxfords with sweaters over top, at his school.  He also talks about his introduction to Ralph Lauren through the Chaps brand. Rob says, Chaps was different when it still had Ralph Lauren on it's tag.  We talk about his sneaker phase and baggy jeans, here is where his evolution becomes apparent from sneaker head to gentleman.

On this podcast episode we even discuss the difference between garments bought at outlets versus those bought from their full retail counterparts.

Rob is doing what many of us aspire to, that is to make money doing what we love.  As an ebay seller, he spends an incredible amount of time searching through the racks of thrift shops. His goal is to find preppy men's clothes from the likes of Brooks Brothers, Jcrew,  Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and more. I'll tell you now Rob scores big, because of his dedication and consistency. And he knows what he's looking for because he's really into men's fashion and haberdashery.

Rob says he's at a thrift store at least 5 days a week. When he's not thrifting, he's busy building his full service real estate business, or spending quality time with daughter and wife, who happens to be just as stylish as he is.  He also started #blackwatchfriday.  Held on the day after Thanksgiving every year. It's the perfect opportunity for all of us to put on our best blackwatch, post photos, and enjoy the camaraderie . You can find on Tumblr at http://evolutionofagentleman.tumblr.com/   and Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/evolution_of_a_gentleman/.

Spend some time with Rob and me.  At the end of this episode, I'll tell you to get access to our special bonus material.  American Layers is the best podcast of it's kind. Please leave 5 stars and write a review.


LLBean Boots and American flag preppy

When your Bean boots were on backorder, Rob was like

Vintage Ralph Lauren Ski 92 coat

This is the type of fire Rob sells on Ebay