ep30 – Less Ralph Lauren, Why I downsized my RL collection


Less Ralph Lauren. This episode, my guest tells us why he downsized his huge Polo Ralph Lauren collection.  Yes, he subscribes to the less is more principal, but in this show we really break down the how and why.

Kimbro has been into fashion for a longtime. Being a child of the nineties, he was heavily influenced by the Ralph Lauren, Nautica, and Hilfiger wave. Once he was able to buy his own clothes. He set out to build the sort of wardrobe he had been hoping for. Preppy mens clothes was the style he settled on.  Kimbro developed a real affinity for rugby shirts emblazoned with patches and chevrons, as well as clothes with a more utilitarian feel.

As a member of the US Navy, he remembers seeing how standard issue items made his imagination run wild.  He knew that the clothes they wore would look great in the civilian world. He also realized that designers from Ralph Lauren and Guess were thinking the same thing. He talks about duffle bags that looked a lot like the sea bags he used in the navy.

We also talk about him downsizing his vast Ralph Lauren collection through trades and sales.  Since we were talking about collecting, it made perfect sense to get into his transformer and toy collections a little bit.  Kimbro schools me a bit, when he tells me what makes a transformer rare, and differentiates the good guys from the bad guys.

We also talk about early fashion influences. Kimbro recalls a stylish teacher playing a role in the shaping of his fashion sense. The teacher gave him a pair of multicolored Tommy Hilfiger shoes.  He also cites Dapper Dan as an early icon, and says Yves Saint Laurent is one of his favorite brands.

This episode will resonate with people who were into the 90's urban prep look. If you're into Double RL, Denim and Supply, Hilfiger, or Ivy style in general, you'll find this podcast episode to be a treat. Preppy mens clothes at it's finest.

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