ep3 – Lo Head, Collector, Connoisseur

lo head

polo sweater with bow tie

ep3 Is about being a Lo head. Are there rules to game?

Are you a Lo head with a massive Polo collection? While some collectors accumulate garments by any means, others are bound by a set of unwritten rules. This episode attempts to explore some of the dos and don’ts. If you’re a Lo Life, Polo Head,  Lo head, or Ralph Lauren collector you’ll find this entry interesting. I urge you all to leave a written comment. With your input, we’ll have some real fun exploring this topic further.

This is episode 3 of the American Layers podcast show. Much of the show will be dedicated to Lo heads and other sorts of collectors. I you collect Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers, Jcrew or any other brand, you are welcome here. After spending some time outside the fold, I’m finally falling back in line with the Ralph Lauren CO.  I remember when I was consistently building my polo collection, there were rules I’d never violate. This episode sets the stage for subsequent episodes, where I interview Lo heads and Double RL collectors.

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If you agree with the opinions expressed or not, it’s all in good fun. Remember that collecting is kind of like a sport for some. Maybe it’s the completive nature that make us harsh critics. Maybe it’s the love that forces us to set standards and respect excellence. Would a  true Lo head respect a polo collection amassed by shoplifting and swindling uneducated sellers?

Are all brands created equal?

Remember when someone told you that all the brands you loved were in the same factories as the ones you hated. We are the one’s who never bought that story. Most of us probably believe that there is something special about the brands we love. In this and following episodes, we will examine these ideas. This isn’t your average preppy style blog, it the American layers podcast. Enjoy the show and leave some feedback. Even if we are all Lo Heads, we probably won’t agree on everything. Fellas is it ok to wear children’s or women’s shirt?  Leave your ideas below.

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