ep29 – Purple Label Collis Slipper Collector


This episode is all about Ralph Lauren Purple Label Collis Slippers. I'm talking with Theo, also known as @my_pony_lifestyle on instagram.  Theo has his share of preppy clothes but one of his main focuses is the Collis Slipper commonly referred to as the Prince Albert slipper. The collection also includes some Ralph Lauren Rugby pairs.

As we talk, Theo walks us through his transformation from sneaker collector to collecting men's preppy clothes.  Once Theo grew tired of Jordans and Tshirts, he began experimenting with brands like Express and Abercrombie and Fitch.  After a while, he felt like those brands were all the same. He was ready for something with more flare and more variation.  He was ready for dapper clothing.

Once he discovered Ralph Lauren, he still dabbled with other brands. He would find temporary Polo and Ralph Lauren clothes at thrift shops. The pivotal moment was when Theo walked into a Ralph Lauren store and was so taken by the outfit on a mannequin, he bought the entire outfit, on sight. He was hooked.

Then he saw David Lauren wearing a pair of Purple Label slippers in a men's fashion magazine. This was his real introduction to dapper clothing for men. He bought his first pair of Collis slippers from a consignment shop. With just ten steps into the store, he spotted the slippers on a shelf and he knew he had to have them. The store was technically closed, so Theo came back the next time they were open, and bought the Purple Label slippers for a great price.

He even tells us why he likes Ralph Lauren Collis slippers over other respected brands like Stubbs and Wooten and Herring.

We discuss so much in this podcast episode. It's really a treat for anyone who considers them self a Ralph Lauren, RRL, Purple Label, or Polo collector. You'll also love this if you're into Ivy Style , Preppy fashion, dandy, and dapper styles.

Theo isn't just into slippers. His Ralph Lauren collection is really well balanced. Next time, we'll talk about his love for Black Label, and how he is reacting to the discontinuation of that line.  We will also talk about the room where he houses his vast Ralph Lauren collection. Some would call it a closet, some might call it a man cave, or dressing room. Whatever you call it, it's a real sight to see.

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