ep28 – Lo & Behold


This episode I'm talking to an old friend named Sturg. We met in high school and became friends shortly after graduation. Our interests in preppy men's clothes and brands like Ralph Lauren Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica united us. A lot of people were wearing these brands, but our aspirations and execution was a little more dapper than most of the guys we knew.

Our interests went beyond simple  men's fashion. We wanted to build incredible clothing collections. We wanted to own a bunch of Hilfiger and Polo statement pieces.  In this episode we laugh about our first experiences with the Ralph Lauren brands. We wanted Polo, but wound up with Chaps sailing jackets. Sturg and I laugh about it now, but it wasn't fun having every garment scrutinized by classmates. The kids around us were very materialistic. Our schools were the perfect breeding grounds for future Ralph Lauren collectors.

The environment was urban, but men's preppy clothes were ever present. The influence was always there, it never felt forced. I remember walking into the Gap and having an outfit inspired by Boyz to Men in my mind.  Their outfits included a sweater vest and button down shirts.

We talk about the Ralph Lauren collections we built, destroyed, and rebuilt over the years. I admire Sturg because he's never seemed afraid to get rid of clothes that don't work. He has had great Ivy inspired pieces, work wear, preppy, even some urban stuff, but if it doesn't mesh well with his current vision, he will get rid of it. I have been the recipient of some cool items during these purges, That's how I got my hands on my newest moccasins. They're Polo and the upper portion is buffalo plaid. Sturg and I discuss this in detail on the show.

Sturg also gives a few tips on how to successfully navigate ebay. He talk about waiting for sales and avoiding scammers. He says most Ralph Lauren collectors know that most great items can be found on sale. Dapper clothing for men is expensive, so sales are always great.

If you're into dapper clothing for men, Ralph Lauren sweaters, ivy  and preppy clothes, you're going to love this podcast episode. follow us on instagram  @dave_money3 and @r_sturgis.

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ralph lauren rl guide rugby with cordoroys

This is one way Sturg styled his Ralph Lauren rugby.