ep22 – Port Royal Outfitters


Ben Stout is the founder of Port Royal Outfitters, an apparel brand inspired by his childhood spent on the water. Ben was raised all along the southern US coast where he learned to sail and developed an affinity for classic American preppy fashion.

His company produces bow ties, tshirts, and other nautical inspired items. Port Royal enjoys the support of some key players in the Instagram prep world. Ben thinks it's the quality of his products that allows Port Royal to stand out. He believes that serving is the path to leadership, and he gets to serve this country everyday at his full time job with Congress. He also gets to wear some really smart, dapper, perfectly preppy outfits to the office.

Join Ben and me as we discuss his take on trad, ivy, and preppy style. We also have a blast laughing at his wild childhood adventures as one of eight boys. Ben says him and his brothers we all about being outside. The tales involve pellet guns, go karts, giant kite rides, water skiing, and more. This episode is a true heaping helping of Americana.

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preppy couple holding hands blue blazer green khakis

Ben and his lovely wife. photo creds @portroyaloutfitters

port royal outfitters tshirt

Talking about Port Royal Outfitters and preppy fashion on the podcast

preppy guys walking beach

Life is a walk on the beach. photo cred @portroyaloutfitters



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