ep21 – Quality over Quantity


On this episode, Matthew Graber and I discuss men's fashion, home renovation, and entrepreneurship. Matthew is a visual designer with a love for traditional American men's fashion.  A lot of his clothes come from JCrew but he isn't married to any particular clothing brand. Matthew is more concerned with trying new things and new brands. His experience as a small business owner makes him a likely supporter of small apparel brands around him. With such a larger instagram following, you already know, plenty of brands approach him for collaborations. When asked how he built his following to over 74 thousand followers, Matthew attributed it to consistently placing quality over quantity. He is the type who'd rather post less frequently and wait until he can properly execute his ideas. He also admits that his design and photography training gives him a bit of an advantage. Matthew seems to have mastered the flat lay aka grid photos, as well the dressed chest shots. Many of his photos a made up of well fitted jackets of various woven textures, cardigans, and nice ties. I asked Matthew how he built such a wardrobe and again his answer was "quality over quantity." I you like denim, trad style, and preppy style, you're going to love this episode of American Layers, and you'll also love Matthew's instagram.You can follow both of us at @matthewgraber and @dave_money3 .

flat lay outfit grid tweed

One of Matthew's signature flat lays.

knit tie, button down, matthew graber

Matthew was also good with the chest shot. photo cred @matthewgraber

Matthew in a cool preppy outfit, topped with a quilted vest. photo cred @matthewgraber

matthew graber plaid shirt

Since the recording of this episode, Matthew has left Instagram, but his feed remains in place.


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