ep2 – NYC vacation, Preppy collaboration

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The art of war

Ep2 Went to NYC, met cool people, had fun

American Layers episode two is a tribute to Ralph Lauren work wear and all the preppy style men. Like many men who enjoy preppy and ivystyle, it’s my goal to stay well dressed at all times. Even when I’m out of town. Sometimes this is hard to do when you want to pack light. Before my Thanksgiving trip to New York City, I came up with a plan. My goal was to pack  enough garments from my Polo collection to last five days. But everything had to fit into one LL Bean bag.  I wanted my selection to be light, yet impressive. I was going to meet Dean, a Double RL collector. We were going to meet in the city and take some photos against the old churches and high rises. We wanted the photso to have a timeless feel. Something all preppy style men can appreciate.

What’d you pack?

I decided to bring a reversible Ralph lauren Rugby vest, some blue denim work wear pants from the Polo Line, and a navy blue cotton crew neck sweater, also Polo. I wore my brown Toms everyday. It’s rare for me to travel with just one pair of shoes, but as you know, my goal was to pack light. My brown tweed gap pants would have made things more ivystyle, but I stuck with the blue work pants.

Met with Dean the Double RL Collector

I met up with Dean my second day in the city. He was at the Dobe RL store right before we met. That afternoon we met near the new World Trade Center. He had on everything RRL. from his peacoat to his tooled leather belt and buckle. His look was kind of work wear. My look was kind of woodsman but all preppy style men would’ve approved. I’ll post photos from this trip at some point. We had a good time. Shout out to the Ralph Lauren CO for designing such great garments.

Star struck in Soho

For the rest of my time in NYC, I wore a flannel shirt while exploring Brooklyn. There was a large park with a lake and and ice skating rink. I didn’t expect to see that in Brooklyn. I went to Soho for dinner and bumped into the film maker Casey Neistat. This was my first time bumping into anyone noteworthy.  It was a pretty cool experience.  Casey seemed like a nice guy. He didn’t mind stopping to talk to me for a second.

Fear and collaborations

I also talk about overcoming fear, collaborating with the very ivystyle Arnold Steiner, and the awesomely dapper Harrison Blake Apparel. Press play… you’re gonna love this one.