ep20 – New Faces of Prep


New faces of Prep features Charles,  founder or Tatted Croc. Tatted Croc is his new clothing line inspired by his daughter and life in the American South where it was natural for the people in his community to wear preppy and traditionally styled clothing. We discuss the progression and transformation the traditional prep world has undergone. Charles believes that the were once closed to are open for who aspire to be great, and for all who wish to prepare themselves for true success in America. Charles references the success of Ralph Lauren, and attributes it to his desire to accepted by accepted by the upperclass and attain a piece of the good life for him self.

Charles talks about his brands unique much needed presence. He feels that tattoos were once taboo but are now the new status symbol. Tatted Croc is about expression, much like tattoos, and serves as a representation of inclusion for all types of people.

If your curious about some of the old and new philosophy behind preppy fashion, preppy life, ivy style, and traditional style, Charles will get you up to speed. If you've always wondered about the difference between Southern and Northen prep, you will find this a very informative and entertaining listen.


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