ep1 – How I Discovered Preppy Fashion

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American Layers ep1 is about my intro to preppy fashion.

Episode 1  is about my discovery of preppy fashion and ivyleaguestyles. The story begins while I’m in elementary school, has a moment in New England, and ends at a style conscious high school in New Jersey. You’re going to hear about experiences that made me want to start my polo collection. In the beginning, I was happy with khakis and polo knits from JC Penney. By the time I reached High school, I was a Lo head. Preppy fashion sparked my imagination and made me want to see new places. I talk about joining a fake boy scout troop. We only got to participate in a few activities. The founder ran off with the money we raised, but it was still a rich experience.

Starfish and Sailing jackets

My first trip to Rhode Island blew me away. I was there visiting my aunt Brenda. She was the most worldly person I knew , at the time. She had moved from San Diego to Providence. She drove us around in here Volvo. We saw preppy men wearing sailing jackets. The guys back home wore the same jackets, but I’m sure none them had ever been sailing. We visited a beach and stuffed seaweed in our pockets. When it was time to go, we stuffed starfish in foam cups. My aunt and grand mom made us throw the starfish back in the water. We drove around looking at mansions and historic places. I went back to new jersey refreshed.

My Polo Collection started to grow

Rhode island had given me the New England feel, but the guys at school made me want to build my polo collection. By 16, I got my first part time job at a pet shop. I was eager to emulate the ivystyle and preppy fashion popularized by Ralph Lauren. Rugbys and color-blocked button down shirts were my favorites. These had the best chance at becoming collector’s items. The clothes were expensive, I usually spent my entire paycheck every week. I didn’t mind. As long as long as I had enough bus fair to get me through the week, I was good.

Finally a Lo Head

Eventually, my friends started calling my basement baby Macy’s. I was finally a real Lo head. My mom would say, they make all that stuff at the same factory and slap different labels on it. I considered that an insult to the Ralph Lauren Co. My mom was sweet, but I wasn’t going to let her deter me  from becoming the ultimate RL collector. The 90”s were so much fun. We had Polo Sport, Nautica, and Helly Hansen. We were so heavily influenced by hip hop. Who knew those roots would lead to writing a preppy style blog?

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