ep 27 – Worldwide Americana


The appreciation for Americana is really a worldwide thing.  We're able to share it with brothers and sisters all around the world through fashion. It doesn't matter if you're into work wear, denim, dapper, preppy, or ivy, we all share a common thread.

This time I'm talking with Pardeep Sahota. He resides in the UK, but he enjoys classic American fashion brands and Americana in general. We discuss levi's Vintage Clothing, Double RL, and other aspects of fashion. Having worked as a buyer and consultant with brands like Armani and Red Wing. Pardeep is a fashion industry insider with a wealth of knowledge. He was kind enough to teach me a few things about selvedge denim, and vintage jeans. He also gives us a look into the Red Wings brand.  With it's roots in Minnesota, the brand has managed to build a strong following in the United Kingdom, Japan, and other places all around the world. Pardeep talks about Red Wing's commitment to quality craftsmanship, and how many fashion brands must make special considerations as they enjoy success in markets around the world, far from where they were founded. For example, there's always the matter of setting up factories around the world versus keeping production at home, and shipping to other countries. Brands are vulnerable to consumer criticism no matter which path they take. Pardeep has even written for a fashion blog. He's the kind of guest that gives a podcast dimension because he's really knowledgeable and descriptive.

Anyone who loves work wear, Double RL, Red Wing and the like is going to love this podcast episode. Even if you're into preppy fashion, or a more dapper style, you will enjoy this podcast episode, because it's all about people with a passion for fashion discussing what we love most.

This podcast episode, we also discuss women's denim,  American influence on Japanese fashion, Chevy trucks, and what it's like to buy for a clothing retailer.

Make sure you subscribe to American Layers and give the show a rating and review. follow on Instagram @dave_money3 and Pardeep is @ps041079


american classics london storefront with double RL and levis

American layers guest, Pardeep Sahota, in front of American Classics London store.


store front wearing chambray and suspenders

American Layers guest sporting Levis denim and suspenders.

levis khakis tshirt classic car

Pardeep, in California, admiring an oldschool Plymouth

tshirts jeans shopping

One of my most informative podcast guest to date, Pardeep Sahota.


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