ep7 Double RL – Forever Young ft. Julien Landa

Double RL before there was a Double RL

Julien Landa collects Double RL and he’s been in the game for a long time. He’s not just a collector. He personifies the RL lifestyle. In fact his RL-ness predates his knowledge of the Ralph Lauren Brand. When Julien was a young man in Holland, he made his own clothes out of necessity. When he finally saw his first Ralph Lauren garments, he noticed that Mr. Lauren had been designing the same sort of clothes Julien had been making for himself. At this moment, Julien was hooked.

When you’re a style icon

Julien is now 68 years old. The way he styles himself led me to title this episode Forever Young. I found Mr. Landa on instagram where his daily outfit photos excite people of all ages. It’s not everyday that you see a 68 year old who 20 somethings aspire to dress like. During our interview, Julien told me, he’s young at heart. He still likes to run and be active. He is unstoppable

Variety is  the spice of life

His Double RL collection is second to none. He has lots of quality pieces, no filler. Some of his RRL  garments are work wear inspired, others have an ivy feel with large collegiate letters across the front. Julien also has a nice supply of blue line Polo items, which he doesn’t wear much anymore. They were worn heavily when he was golfing everyday. Even with RRL, he says he hasn’t been buying as frequently as he used to, but you’d never guess that by looking at his collection. When he is ready to purchase,  he’ll have a friend in London try on a piece to make sure it fits properly, if necessary. Since he’s an experienced tailor, he’s also able to make any alterations himself.

Julien the Artist, sold out exhibitions

His photos aren’t only good because of the clothes, Landa is a painter. He has sold out exhibitions featuring his work in both Holland and New York. In fact, his dreams of selling art in New Your were fueled by his desire to also shop NYC’s Double RL store. I think Both Mr. Landa and Mr. Lauren are both masters of imagery. Without any real training Julienns ‘s first painting had a photorealistic feel. Then he went on to sell out shows for the next nine years. Julien’s has been retired for a while , but he plans on holding and exhibition some time this year, Holland. You can bet he’ll be buying more Double RL with the proceeds. I’ll be sure to keep you informed of any developments. You can contact Mr. Landa on instagram at @julienlanda for additional information

Listen and Follow

There is way too much for me to summarize in one blog post. Listen to the episode and check out Julien’s instagram feed to see what I mean. He has a serious collection, great photos, and an interesting life story. This episode is already a favorite. Mr. Landa has to come back and do it again.