Collaboration Nation

In this episode, I’m just kicking it with the listeners. I’m letting everyone know what I’ve been up to. Packed with shout outs. I’ve met and worked with a lot of cool people from the preppy world and RRL world…
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ep33 – Conversing with Clark

This episode I’m chatting with Clark Moore. He is an actor and writer with a love for preppy style. We talk about fashion, acting, and living bicoastal.

ep 27 – Worldwide Americana

The appreciation for Americana is really a worldwide thing.  We’re able to share it with brothers and sisters all around the world through fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re into work wear, denim, dapper, preppy, or ivy, we all share a…
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ep19 – North Left Coast

Martha Kay is one of my instagram friends out of Vancouver, Canada. She blogs and posts instagram photos under the name North Left Coast.  Her fasion style is usually somewhere between Preppy and Hipster, but she’s not limited to either…
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ep18 – A Very Large RRL Collection

Of all the Double RL collectors I’ve come across, I have to say Mark Large is one of the most impressive.  He is known for his unusual pairings and mix matched style. Somehow Mark makes it all work. In this…
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ep 16 – Guy Next Door

Guy Next Door features @CJCurtisJohnson. He’s a popular instagrammer with a really down to Earth vibe. CJ enjoys travel, Chick Fila and great scenery. post conversion

ep11 – Naked in Nantucket

Naked in Nantucket is the 11th installment of the American Layers podcast. Willis is a Cape Cod native. Join us for a lively discussion about why he loves New England and what’s it like to live life without any filters.