Collaboration Nation

In this episode, I’m just kicking it with the listeners. I’m letting everyone know what I’ve been up to. Packed with shout outs. I’ve met and worked with a lot of cool people from the preppy world and RRL world…
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Jcrew, Barbour, and Naughty by Nature

Part 2 of the Clark Moore conversation. We talk about Clarke’s favorite preppy brands, his time in the fashion industry working for Gant, and his earliest memories of the Barbour jacket.

ep38 – Acute Style

Acute Style is about collecting traditional menswear garments  for 90 dollars or less.  In my opinion Eric is one of the best doing it right now. He has outfits for days, and they all work well. We discuss his favorite brands,…
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ep-37 Dallas Penn – For the culture

American layers isn’t your basic fashion podcast. This show is for the culture. This episode I’m building with Dallas Penn, a long time Ralph Lauren collector, sneaker connoisseur, writer, Boot God, and much more. We’re talking about Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma,…
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ep34 – Real Ralph Lauren Collectors

This episode I’m talking to a real Ralph Lauren collector. Mr Parker has been exclusively wearing and collecting Ralph Lauren for about 7 years now, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We discuss how his collection has grown…
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ep33 – Conversing with Clark

This episode I’m chatting with Clark Moore. He is an actor and writer with a love for preppy style. We talk about fashion, acting, and living bicoastal.

ep32 – Naked in Nantucket pt2

I hooked up with Willis the Nakednantucketer again.  We talk about fun fashion and all sorts of F**ckery.  Topics include preppy clothes, New England, rich and new friends plus more. Find Willis at and his Instagram is

ep31 – Evolution of a Gentleman

Welcome back for another episode . American layers is the best podcast  around for us with a passion for collecting garments and discussing all the details that come naturally with the lifestyle. Rob is a Long Island native with an…
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ep28 – Lo & Behold

This episode I’m talking to an old friend named Sturg. We met in high school and became friends shortly after graduation. Our interests in preppy men’s clothes and brands like Ralph Lauren Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica united us. A…
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ep25 – Ivystyle and XJs

Tyler Turner is a blogger and Instagram friend. In this episode we talk about his Ivy and preppy inspired fashion sense. Tyler likes to wear timeless pieces and doesn’t mind waiting for a bargain. He likes outlets and factory stores…
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