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ep39 – Dallas Penn – Robbed For Your Clothes

ralph lauren rl guide rugby with cordoroys

In this episode. I’m talking to Dallas Penn about fashion and his Ralph Lauren collection. We also talk about the dangers of wearing certain brands on the streets of NYC back in the 80s. You could’ve gotten robbed for your…
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ep-37 Dallas Penn – For the culture

American layers isn’t your basic fashion podcast. This show is for the culture. This episode¬†I’m building with Dallas Penn, a long time Ralph Lauren collector, sneaker connoisseur, writer, Boot God, and much more. We’re talking about Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma,…
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ep31 – Evolution of a Gentleman

Welcome back for another episode . American layers is the best podcast ¬†around for us with a passion for collecting garments and discussing all the details that come naturally with the lifestyle. Rob is a Long Island native with an…
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ep28 – Lo & Behold

This episode I’m talking to an old friend named Sturg. We met in high school and became friends shortly after graduation. Our interests in preppy men’s clothes and brands like Ralph Lauren Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica united us. A…
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ep17 – Hilfiger Too

When we think of collecting we immediately think of Ralph Lauren, but we can’t forget about Hilfiger. Laurence aka @rich_future and I talk about collecting Hilfiger and the influence the brand had on urban and hip hop culture. We talk…
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