ep20 – New Faces of Prep

New faces of Prep features Charles,  founder or Tatted Croc. Tatted Croc is his new clothing line inspired by his daughter and life in the American South where it was natural for the people in his community to wear preppy…
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ep18 – A Very Large RRL Collection

Of all the Double RL collectors I’ve come across, I have to say Mark Large is one of the most impressive.  He is known for his unusual pairings and mix matched style. Somehow Mark makes it all work. In this…
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ep17 – Hilfiger Too

When we think of collecting we immediately think of Ralph Lauren, but we can’t forget about Hilfiger. Laurence aka @rich_future and I talk about collecting Hilfiger and the influence the brand had on urban and hip hop culture. We talk…
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ep 16 – Guy Next Door

Guy Next Door features @CJCurtisJohnson. He’s a popular instagrammer with a really down to Earth vibe. CJ enjoys travel, Chick Fila and great scenery. post conversion

ep 14 – The Preppiest Texan in Town

Ryan aka The Preppy Texan is a blogger, rancher, husband, and stylish guy. He’s known for his bold preppy style and set against rich backgrounds consisting of authentic southwestern motifs, and a beautiful Toyota FJ40. His unique blend of classic…
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ep13 – America’s Team

In this episode, I talk to Sasha Agent about her time as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She earned the coveted rookie of the year honor. After leaving the cheer world, she stayed in Texas where she teaches school and writes…
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ep11 These clothes were made for workin

These clothes were made for workin. Oli Congress talks to me about making the switch from Levis Vintage clothing to Double RL. Being a London native, Double RL isn’t as accessible to him as it is to us in the…
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