About Me

Welcome to Americanlayers, where I find create and present content for lovers of all things Americana. Most of my pics and posts are fashion related, with close attention to environments and thoughts that inspire the looks we love. If you’re like me, we share a persistent obsession with picturesque landscapes and heavily staged interiors . We don’t chase trends. We love the brands who continuously construct garments that excite us. We love artifacts and memorobila that provoke our imagination, remind us of how things were, and inspire us to go new places.

If you enjoy classic prep, ivy, and woodsman inspired looks, you’ve come to the right place. ┬áIf you’re a collector of Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Jpress, Jcrew and, Barbour you’re gonna love my pics and podcasts. Thanks for coming and stick around as we explore the many layers of Americana.

Dave Money