Monthly Archive: March 2016

ep 14 – The Preppiest Texan in Town

Ryan aka The Preppy Texan is a blogger, rancher, husband, and stylish guy. He’s known for his bold preppy style and set against rich backgrounds consisting of authentic southwestern motifs, and a beautiful Toyota FJ40. His unique blend of classic…
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ep13 – America’s Team

In this episode, I talk to Sasha Agent about her time as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She earned the coveted rookie of the year honor. After leaving the cheer world, she stayed in Texas where she teaches school and writes…
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ep12 – Low Priced Lo

D Will is a serious lo collector. He enjoys wearing all types of RL clothing, but he also enjoys buying his items a low cost. Wills friends consider him a sale king.

ep11 – Naked in Nantucket

Naked in Nantucket is the 11th installment of the American Layers podcast. Willis is a Cape Cod native. Join us for a lively discussion about why he loves New England and what’s it like to live life without any filters.