Monthly Archive: December 2015

ep3 – Lo Head, Collector, Connoisseur

ep3 Is about being a Lo head. Are there rules to game? Are you a Lo head with a massive Polo collection? While some collectors accumulate garments by any means, others are bound by a set of unwritten rules. This…
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ep2 – NYC vacation, Preppy collaboration

Ep2 Went to NYC, met cool people, had fun American Layers episode two is a tribute to Ralph Lauren work wear and all the preppy style men. Like many men who enjoy preppy and ivystyle, it’s my goal to stay…
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ep1 – How I Discovered Preppy Fashion

American Layers ep1 is about my intro to preppy fashion. Episode 1  is about my discovery of preppy fashion and ivyleaguestyles. The story begins while I’m in elementary school, has a moment in New England, and ends at a style conscious high school in New Jersey. You’re going to…
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